The Wooley Mammoth

A Yarn Store


About the Woolery Mammoth....

Opened in January 2006, The Woolery Mammoth is the
happy beginning for me after diagnosis, surgery and
treatment for ovarian cancer in September 2004. What a
nice way to end a long career in computers and problem
solving, So I found knitting, a hobby I have loved but had
little time for. I was able to bring my love of fibers and hand
together here in Eureka, Montana. The community

here has welcomed and supported me and my ideas and I
expanded my inventory to include spinning and weaving
supplies as well. We now have a good group of spinners who
meet on Thursdays. a group of knitters who come in for talk
and camaraderie, and a home for the Tobacco Valley Fiber
Guild, a group that has sponsored Fiberfest Eureka for the
last 8 years.


The Wooley Mammoth is located at
576 US Highway 93 N.
Eureka, MT 59917
406/297-7403 or email

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