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Yarns & More

All natural fibers available in balls, skeins, reeled hanks, cones and combed top.

Fibre-Isle Fine Yarns specializes in bison and bison blend yarns.

Yarn made exclusively by Lonesome Stone Natural Fiber Mill.

Manos del Uruguay has been admitted as a full member of WFTO (World Fair Trade Organization), the global
representative body of over 350 organizations committed to 100% Fair Trade. This recognizes Manos_s mission to
eradicate poverty through sustainable economic development, pioneering social and environmental policy and
practice, and continual reinvestment in marginalized artisans, farmers and producer communities.

See our sale page for details on Nashua yarns.

Local producer of yarn and roving including wool, alpaca and mohair fibers.


The Rowan ethos over the years has always been to create inspirational and desirable handknit design. Although our
designs reflect the fashion trends of the time, our garments have become classics, with designs of the past still being
worn today.

The Skacel Collection offers some of the industry's finest fibers, from names such as Zitron, Schulana, Schoppel,
Austermann and Schoeller+Stahl. Addi needles are the best-selling needles in the world! They were created by
knitters, for knitters, and boast a vast array of sizes, lengths, and designs.

We have everything by Elizabeth Zimmerman & more.

Spinning & Weaving

Majacraft Ltd. is a small family owned and operated company dedicated to the development of the finest double
treadle spinning wheels. Majacraft ailms to produce spinning wheels that are so easy to use that the beginner can spin
easily and comfortably but also that place no limitations on the creativity of the advanced spinner, they are truly a
wheel for everyone.

In Stock: Little Gem, Pioneer, Bobbins, spindles, niddy noddys, wood wax, winders, and more.
Special orders filled in 2-3 weeks, depending on availability. Call for specifics.

Schacht Spindle - Schacht Spindle Company, Inc. was founded during the back-to-earth movement of the late
1960's and its accompanying craft resurgence. Schacht is one of the world's leading makers of handweaving looms
and spinning wheels.

In Stock: Flip Loom, Cricket Loom, Student Loom, Ladybug Spinning Wheel, Matchless DT Wheel, Spindles, Niddy
Noddys, Winders, Oil, Yarn Gauges, Bobbins, Swifts, and more. Special orders filled as available from factory. Call for

Howard Brush Hand Carders
Our Hand Cards are manufactured to the exact specifications developed by the founders of the Howard Brothers

Company in 1866. Each hand card is formed using select woods, with a gently curved compromise between flat and
strongly curved cards, allowing for both styles of carding action. The handles are ergonomically designed to shape and
fit, easy to orient, sturdily attached to the carder back and finished with a warm hand-rubbed sheen. These
traditionally made hand cards are offered in 3 sizes: Standard, Student and Mini, and in 5 densities from 54 TPI to 190
TPI for the fiberarts community.

Howard Brush Drum Carders
Our Drum carders are adjustment free and made from solid hardwood - not particle board! Each drum carder comes

with an attached clamp so that it can be secured to your work table for ease of use.

ACCESSORIES & PARTS - The Woolery Mammoth is happy to order any accessory or part that you
may need including replacement carding cloth.


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